One major advantage of growing in straw bales, is that you can setup your garden literally anywhere there’s available space. You can also make it as small or as large as you would like too, limited only by the amount of space you have, your desire, and your imagination. Here are a whole bunch of different (and very creative) straw bale garden setups that you’ll be able to draw some inspiration from.

Use Straw To Grow Anywhere

On The Lawn On Weed Mat…

This garden was setup on a lawn on top of weed mat to stop any weeds from growing up into the bales. A very simple but practical setup.

Use straw to grow everywhere

Use straw to grow everywhere

In A Greenhouse…

This garden was setup inside a greenhouse and as you can see, is producing some very healthy looking tomato plants.



Replacing Traditional Garden Beds…

This little four bale garden was placed in the location of the previous seasons traditional garden bed, as the gardener got sick of weeding it…



On Pavers

Another small bale garden placed on a paved area, being used to grow tomato plants. No weed mat required when you setup on pavers or concrete.



Landscaped Into A Raised Bed

This garden has been beautifully landscaped into a raised bed.



Tucked Between Two Buildings

This clean bale garden is currently being setup and is tucked in-between an old sleep out to the left, and a paved patio area to the right behind the wall. Making use of any available space.



At The Back Of The Yard

This one has been laid out into an “L shape” and placed at the back of the yard.