In Februari this year we went to Gambia to Jerreh and Ria’s lodge at Kurumbo. We were there with three Dutch guys; Martijn, Steffen en Kevin to investigate the possibilities for our project. For Kevin this was already the fifth visit to the country, but for Steffen en Martijn it was their first trip. And a trip they definately had to make to get more feeling with the project.

We slept at the lodge building already present on the Kurumbo plot. The mangroves surrounding Kurumbo were absolutely stunning, we have seen some amazing wildlife and did some very nice fishing. We are absolutely shure that developing an eco-resort in a place like this can result in a true piece of heaven.

We met all the boys we want to have in our building team. They are very motivated and full of dreams, they can’t wait to start and change this plot into something beautiful. We also found out that almost no people are coming to the recently build lodge which is a problem and not feeding people at the moment. While our stay in Gambia we tried to develop as much ideas and plans as possible. Later on we selected only the best ones to fit in our concept.

To be short, it was a very inspirational journey which made our brains think, design and dream. After this journey we started again with designing, new and better designs.


A beautyful view on the mangroves, a local fisherman is passing by