The past few weeks we ave been working on a new idea to add to our aquaponics. Our goal is not only to develop an aquaponics farm in the 3rth phase of our project, but also to make these tecniques reachable for poor farmers all over the world. Therefore we have a new concept: a small aquaponics farm which is self-sufficient in energy and which is mobile too.

Basically what we did is, we adjusted another existing hydro-ponics installation to aquaponics. The idea will still be the same as shown in the image below. The only difference is that we have add a small fish-tank, and a solarpanel so the pump can run on solar-energy. This makes it possible to use this system work off the grid and indoors (as long as enough light is reaching the plants).

We are trying to find very cheap solutions to develop our system. Our maximum budget for this project will be 100 euro. We will keep you posted if we can stick to this budget and how our developments are going!

Our idea is an adjustment to this idea (Don’t mind the horrible music;)