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Earthbag Dome Materials Calculator

By: Kelly Hart There is a fun and free online tool for calculating the materials needed for building earthbag domes. I think that it errors on the conservative side, but this is probably a good thing. If you go to you can interact with the calculator. First you enter the bag size that you plan to use and then the radius of the base. If it considers the size of the bag inadequate for that size of dome, it will warn you about this. Earthbag Dome Materials Calculator You have the choice of entering how the bag gets...

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Built your own DIY Greenhouse

Built your own DIY Greenhouse easily. One of the greatest features of a geodesic dome is the strength. The triangles in the frame distribute weight equally throughout the structure, so no internal supports are needed. Geodesic domes hold up very well to wind and other elements, making them ideal for just about any climate. The size can be easily scaled up or down by expanding or reducing the size of the base and adding or subtracting triangles accordingly. Built your own DIY Greenhouse Geodesic dome greenhouse kits can be purchased ready to install, or they can be built from...

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Buildings With Plants And Solar Panels

A new law has passed recently that mandates that all new buildings, situated in commercial areas from France, must be at least partially covered in plants or solar panels. Because of their isolation effect green roofs contribute to the reduction of energy waste during winters. Furthermore, green roofs can also keep buildings cool during summers. Another argument worth mentioning is that green roofs retain rainwater so problems such as runoffs are tackled properly, while also encouraging biodiversity in the so-called ‘urban jungles’. Initially, the scope of the law was larger by covering all new buildings in France, but the...

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