Possibilities for local economie

  • Creation of jobs
  • Development of talents
  • Income for local community by tourist activity
  • More healthy food production


Possibilities for investors in this project

  • Helping to create opportuities for local people and by this fighting illegal migration
  • Promoting the idea of creating sustainable buildings with earthbags
  • Stimulating organic food production by aquaponics
  • Creating the best and most sustainable holiday lodge in Gambia
  • Investors can say they support the creation of something very special and important to the world.


Possibilities for people wordlwide

  • Everybody will be able to build his own earthbag dome by finding documentation on our website (movies etc)
  • Knowledge gained by this project can be used to find solutions in the refugee crisis.
  • As our planet is getting warmer every day, more natural disasters will occur. People living in areas where tornado’s, fires, earthquakes or floods appear, will benefit from this.