Kartong is a village in the south of the Gambia close to the border with Senegal. The road to the projectsite is still unpaved and impossible to drive in the rainseason. Rumors are going that this road will be concrete next year. The images below show the location of Kurumbo Lodge (marked in green, this land belongs to our partners Jerreh & Ria), and the location (marked in yellow) where we want to buy land to develop this project.

It is situated directly at the edge of a mangrove-forest. River Allahine flows behind the plot straight to the ocean. A unique environment where hundreds of animals can be found. Back in 2008, when Jerreh and Kevin met each other, they already had dreams to develop this land to something amazing. Last two years Jerreh developed a lodge house with his wife, but something is needed to get this place running. Not so many people are visiting the place at the moment. With this project we want to change something about that!